Alex Parisis

Alex Parisis was born and raised in Athens. From a very young age he entered the beauty industry after realizing his passion for the art of hair. He has worked with various celebrities from the fashion, beauty, and showbiz world. His career extends both nationally and internationally.

Alex’s ultimate goal is to bring out his customers’ best version of themselves. His deep knowledge on advanced hair treatments, coloring techniques, as well as his attention to detail and high aesthetics have placed him among the top hair stylists.

Succeeding in hairstyling requires keeping up with the craft, owning skills and knowing the industry. Therefore, Alex puts all his creativity at work and recommends innovative haircuts and colors fully harmonized with his clients’ personality. His outgoing character along with his deep knowledge and thorough experience have been continuously increasing his clientele.

Alex Parisis

Alex Parisis Private Hair Studio

Alex’s private hair studio in Athens offers a uniquely exclusive and at the same time cool experience. The space’s boutique ambiance embraces Alex’s philosophy putting together a serene and peaceful environment.

The elegantly decorated space, designed by the hair stylist himself, creates a sense of familiarity and relaxation, whilst combining modern and timeless aesthetics. The natural light in the space contributes to the formation of a unique atmosphere, allowing the customers to escape from their daily routine and trust Alex and his partners with their hair.

The main idea behind this concept, is that it represents a personalised ritual, where the customer can relax and enjoy the high-quality services of Alex Parisis’ Hair Studio.

Alex Parisis Hair studio